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About Renee Vejvoda

To own a clear voice and to retain a solid purpose are the qualities I strive for in life. All my life I have held onto my faith and the belief that I would make a difference in the world. I firmly believe there’s a powerful impact to be made living your purpose out loud, sometimes through a simple t-shirt.

But I’ll whisper a secret…It’s not about the shirt. It’s really about the impact the expression makes when voicing your purpose to the world. Once the shirt is created and designed by you, showing off your creativity and your brand mantra, then it becomes all about the shirt.  The shirt becomes the impact by giving voice to your purpose.

I am a creative director. I am a servant of God. I am a risk taker. I am a believer. I am a friend. I am a powerful leader. My purpose and passion are for companies and entrepreneurs to find their true selves and to live their brand out loud.

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